Pretty Things NOLA 2nd line for Bowie 1/16/16


Really great pic by Harmon Dash.



So i decided to bring my Bowie tribute painting with me this past Saturday to celebrate the life of David Robert Jones. The Preservation Hall Brass Band with Win & Regine from Arcade Fire posted the event on facebook last week and perhaps ,like often times, maybe half the 4k that said they would attend would actually attend. Turns out estimates of many tens of thousands DID show up, many in costume or wearing makeup or in some way expressing their love for Bowie. My way, as you might guess, is to bring along my Bowie tribute painting. The painting is called Golden Years or for short ” Goldie Bowie” my version of the Aladdin Sane album cover. Please check out my facebook and instagram for more images from this event. Fantastic shot of the parade by Jerry Moran, my painting can be seen in the sea of humanity about a 3rd of the way down in the center.


shot from the local news caught by my bro Tom.

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