New Girl painting

newgirlkthayer copy

Trying to get some work done in the studio before I am away for a few days.This painting is painted on top of another painting that was kind of a nod to art deco stylistically so it has some spiral forms in the underpainting. I have been looking at more reference that has low-key lighting so that is showing in the new stuff I have been doing.

Winter Chill painting

winter chill

Yes its winter time again in our part of the world. This is a shot of a new painting that I am about to bring down to the gallery on Royal Street. I am not a big fan of cold weather but I am happy to be painting away in my nice warm studio. Happy Holidays to all!



So yeah, Lynda Carter was my dream girl growing up. I did

this painting of her and posted it up on her facebook. Hope she

shares it as well. What do you think?