Don’t eat your Mardi Gras beads kids!


Finished this large mardi gras bead nibbling beauty down at Lisa Victoria Gallery. The festivities are in full swing. I’ll be down there during the course of the weekend. Stop by if you are in the french quarter! If you are not in town then i hope you have a Happy Mardi Gras!

The Gallery I’m in Voted Favorite Gallery of New Orleans!


New Orleans Magazine readers voted Lisa Victoria Gallery “Tops of The Town”! Congrats to Paul & Lisa, all the sales folks and of course all the artists. If you are visiting New Orleans stop by. We are a couple blocks from Jackson Square. A great place to see some art, take a break in the beautiful courtyard, and I might just be there live painting to boot! Click on the Tops of the Town logo to see the full list of winners in 97 categories



Finished off this successful month in a big

way live painting At Lisa Victoria Gallery on

this gorgeous day inĀ New Orleans And even

Though i’m wiped Out i’m Super thankful for all

The new clients, friends, & Family who made it possible.