I have been majorly slacking at posting on my very own site lately, but I’ll try to get my act together. Many exciting things have been going on and I have new work to show. I hope to have some announcements up here soon. In any case, stop on by again when you get a chance!

Nick Cave painting


This is guy has an amazing face! Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are touring this summer and i’m sure its a pretty amazing show. This is 11×14 acrylic, & spray paint on canvas.

Win one o’ these paintings!

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So yeah, Lynda Carter was my dream girl growing up. I did

this painting of her and posted it up on her facebook. Hope she

shares it as well. What do you think?

Support my art, Win a painting by me


I am excited to join the new site which is a site that enables folks to support visual and performing artists. I will have videos of current projects and many other exclusive things over there. My special incentive for folks who support me is a monthly drawing of an original painting as a grand prize with chimp shirts, prints and other items available as well. Your odds are never going to be better than they are by becoming a supporter from the get go. 5 bucks can score you your very own original artwork from me. The more people support, the bigger the painting gets! Details on the page