Labrador Pup Painting for library fundraiser

This here pup painting is for a fundraiser for my local library. It’s also going to be in some art shows related to that. I hope it gets a nice high bid and makes lots of cash for my library because i love going there and feel this is one way i can give back. Cheers! ☮☯️🕉🐶

Mr. B 2019

New photo of my client Jeni and Mr.B in front of the painting i did of him a few years ago. It was truely a gift to recieve this picture in my messages yesterday. Mr. B also has a nice big smile on his face!

Your pet brings so much fun & joy in your life. A one of a kind hand painted portrait of them is a great way of representing that feeling of joy that this creature brings to your life every day. I began painting pet portraits in this style in 2016. I create my paintings with acrylic, collaged paper, spray paint and watercolor and varnish them when they are finished. My pet paintings have been seen on tv, magazines & newspaper articles and are collected all over the U.S.A.

I really appreciate the support Photo by Ashley Hempel photography

Hello Again… Cute Spirit Animals

Hello again everyone! I had a long break from all this major art stuff in my life. Here is a bit about what has been going on. I had an awakening spiritually a few years ago and ever since then I have been trying to figure out what to make of it. Along the way I moved from New Orleans to help take care of my ailing father. Finally I moved back to New York state to be closer to my Mother and have finally settled near the Catskills in a lovely area close to nature. That being said I am re-dedicating myself to my work and emphasizing my pet portrait commissions and animal paintings. This current series I am doing will reflect my optimism and love for living in the now, and my colorful big eyed critters.  I am hoping to get a shop up soon of current work. Have a nice day. Peace!